The time is changing and nobody can understand it better than the Genz. When it comes to traveling and changing times, the style of traveling is changing as well. The ongoing trend of traveling is skip-gen travel where kids go on a vacation not with their parents but with their grandparents. Isn’t it fun to add all the happening and Instagram-worthy destinations to your vacation tour packages?

This is a superb way for the new generation to spend some special time with their grandparents and strengthen their bond. Exploring new places, having a sense of adventure, and watching everything through the naked eye are both thrilling for the young generation as well as grandparents. However, planning travel tour packages for skip-gen trips needs a lot of planning. Sometimes planning absent-mindedly can make the grandparents feel disconnected from fun-loving kids.

So, to have an amazing trip that emphasizes on both outdoors as well as educational components, here are some of the destinations mentioned below across the US:

·   Moab

The five national parks of Utah make it the best destination to visit for active grandparents as well as grandkids. The amazing scenery and central location of Moab make it perfect to enjoy family-friendly activities and many other things. However, visiting Moab means visiting National Parks like Arches National Park, Canyonlands, etc. There are many activities that you can do here like rafting at Colorado River with spectacular scenery. The kids who love dinosaurs can see Moab Giants which is an open-air dinosaur-themed park. Also, Moab Museum should be on the list as well.

Location – Utah

Where to stay – Moab Springs Ranch which is a stylish resort offering amenities to the guests. There are many other places to stay that you can search for on the spot.

·   Palm Beach

This is America’s initial Resort destination which can be the best option for people who want to have an amazing time at a beach. Palm Beach can be a perfect destination for grandparents and grandkids who want low-key adventures. Downtown as well as Worth Avenue are known to have a rich history and are surrounded by amazing opportunities to spend some time with nature. Also, this beach is not congested and lacks some crowd as compared to other beaches. There are various options for fun activities, entertainment, and lip-smacking dining choices. The highlights of this place include Lion Country Safari which you shouldn’t miss.

Location – Florida

Where to stay – You can stay at a five-star property name Eau Palm Beach Resort as well as Spa which has all the amenities to enjoy a nice vacation.

·   Coronado Island

If you are looking for the best destination for your California family vacation then nothing beats Coronado Island. This place is postcard worthy as it has amazing views of the San Diego skyline as well as the Pacific Ocean. Coronado Island can be a great destination for grandparents and grandkids. There are many things to fall in love with this island like clean beaches, manicured streets, historic buildings, and other unique experiences. You can explore the island on foot or by taking a trolley from San Diego. Also, there are hidden gems of this island that you should discover like Wizard of Oz history. Don’t forget to try the gondola cruise, DelVenture activity centre for kids of age 5-12, etc.

Location – California

Where to stay – There are many places to stay at Coronado Island but the one place where you should definitely stay is Hotel del Coronado which is inspired by Wizard of Oz.

·   Mackinac Island

Another place that you should include in your skip-gen destination is Mackinac Island. This place makes you feel like in you are in a different generation of horses, bicycles, and where the mode of transportation is walking. Automobiles were banned here in the 1800s which has been beneficial in saving the historical charm as well as the natural beauty of this place. This island can be perfect for pique kids and grandparents who love old-fashioned and simple things. You can enjoy horse-drawn carriages, horseback rides while touring the amazing history of Fort Mackinac. Also, visiting here means exploring Grand Hotel, two butterfly museums, Arch Rock, and many other places.

Location – Michigan

Where to stay- Ensure to stay at Mission Point Resort which has wide-open grounds that are situated on Lake Huron. It offers amazing amenities which will make you feel satisfied.

·   Boston

If you and your grandkids want to spend your holidays in a different city then Boston should be on your list. This city offers a small-town feel which will make you feel satisfied and entertained. There are a lot of bucket-list experiences that you can complete while visiting Boston. You can go for a baseball game at amazing Fenway Park which is the oldest baseball park here. Also, you can visit Freedom Trail, New England Aquarium, and can try local delicacies such as cannolis, lobster rolls, etc. This city will offer you an intimate experience which you can cherish forever with your grandkids. You can opt for public transport or explore the city on foot. There are many other places that are nearby Boston which you can easily explore as well.

Location – Massachusetts

Where to stay – The best place to stay in Boston is Omni Parker House which has Boston’s Revolutionary history. This is the top skip-gen hotel which delivers the best services.

·   Helen

The town that offers Bavarian-style architecture, handmade toys, and much more can be a perfect skip-gen destination. This place is located in Blue Ridge Mountains which is less than two hours from Atlanta. The town has an Alpine design and offers a taste of Deutschland with authentic restaurants as well as import shops. Helen also maintains its culture via German festivals. The grandparents will love its easy walkability and amazing scenery that shows the Chattahoochee River, vineyards, etc. Also, there are many activities that kids can enjoy like visiting a candy factory, going to a train exhibit and getting a ride on Georgia Mountain Coaster.

Location – Georgia

Where to stay – People can stay at Bear Creek Lodge and Cabins which is a treehouse. It engages five groups in the Blue Ridge Mountain wilderness and has a spacious porch. Guests can have easy access to tubing, fishing, bike, etc. Also, the place is five minutes away from Helen.

·   Black Hills and Badlands

There is no great feeling than seeing Mount Rushmore in reality with your grandparents in South Dakota. This is an iconic national memorial and can be a great experience for people who want something fun and at the same time educational for their grandkids. Also, there are many other school subjects that you can include to grab the right experience. However, ensure that you are hushing your time when you are visiting them. There are many other places that you can include in your itinerary like Custer State Park which is a budget-friendly destination. Also, you can visit Badland National Park, Win Cave, Jewel Cave, Evans Plunge, etc. while visiting the Black Hills and Badlands.

Location – South Dakota

Where to stay – There is something unique about camping which is why you should consider a resort which offers that experience. You can stay at Under Canvas Mount Rushmore which is a resort that offers an amazing camping experience with a touch of comfort like private bedrooms, decks, etc.

·   Go on a cruise

Cruising has been one of the best options when it comes to skip-gen destinations. This is a different vacation option as compared to other destinations where you can opt for a ski-gen vacation. It offers various options when it comes to entertainment, activities, dining, as well as recreational activities. If you are someone who wants to spend quality time with grandparents and grandkids. Enjoying the sunsets and sunrises in the middle of the ocean can allow you to connect with each other as well as with nature. There are a lot of options when it comes to choosing the right cruising options. Even if you are looking for options for a Los Angeles vacation, you can select various cruises. You can choose Disney Cruise Line, Princess Cruises, Carnival Cruise Line, etc. Also, these cruises cater to the needs of kids and elderly people including dedicated and trendy clubs, various programs, partnerships, and much more.


There is no doubt about the fact that spending time with grandkids and grandparents on a vacation can be the best decision to bond and make unforgettable memories. There are many places which you can explore in the USA with your grandkids and grandchildren. The above-mentioned places can help you execute the best travel tour packages. Every place is unique in its own way and can be perfect spot to explore, get entertained, as well as educate the grandkids without worrying about anything. However, ensure that while creating your vacation tour packages you are selecting the right places to stay. This will ensure that you are having a comfortable stay along with complete luxury and entertainment or recreational activities and other things which you can enjoy. 


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