There is always something to look forward to when planning a tour or holiday. If you are somebody who is already making plans for an America tour holiday, then it is time to add Chicago to the list. Chicago is a city in Illinois. Chicago is situated in the Midwest of the USA. Also, Chicago is ranked third as the most populous city in the country, with nearly 2.7 million residents. Not many tourists know, but Chicago sits on Lake Michigan and is highly popular for its architecture. Also, it is a part of the famous Cook and DuPage counties that are Illinois’s.

The city has so much to offer to every kind of traveler, be it art lovers, theatregoers, shopaholics, laid-back travelers, foodies, music lovers, etc. Chicago has a vibrant culture and a highly rich history, making vacation spots near Chicago more fun and exciting. It is home to many professional sports teams. This city has enough activities that can keep travelers highly entertained.

But sometimes, for first-time travelers, making travel plans to Chicago can be a tedious process. So, to make everything simple, we have curated a list of places to explore in Chicago.

·        Willis Tower 

One of the best places to go in Chicago is Willis Tower. It was formerly known by the name of Sears Tower. This skyscraper was once known as the world’s tallest building. The building was completed in 1973 and is 1450 feet tall. It is the city’s famous tourist destination. Many tourists visit it every year to see its Skydeck, which is on the 103rd floor. The deck has stunning panoramic views. Tourists can even enjoy shops and restaurants inside the tower. The modern architecture of this tower makes it stunning.


·        Willis Tower was built in 1973.

·        It is 1450 feet tall.

·        The tower has shops and restaurants inside it for travellers.

·        Lincoln Park Zoo 

If you are visiting Chicago with your family and kids, then add Lincoln Park Zoo to the list. This park zoo is on 35 acres of land and is home to over 1100 animals. Lincoln Park Zoo is the oldest one in the country and was founded in 1868. The zoo is known for animal welfare. A lot of animals in the park zoo are in breeding programs. Some of the exhibits at this zoo are the Kovler Lion House, the Farm-in-the-Zoo, etc. There are educational programs, animal encounters, keeper talks, etc. at Lincoln Park Zoo.


·        The park is built on 35 acres of land.

·        Lincoln Park Zoo has more than 1100 animals.

·        The park zoo involves various educational programs, keeper talks, etc.

·        Chicago Riverwalk 

The Chicago Riverwalk is one of the best places to see in Chicago. This is a public walkway along the Chicago River. You can find it in the heart of downtown Chicago. The riverwalk starts at Lake Shore Drive and goes up to Lake Street. The views offered from this riverwalk are spectacular. You will get to enjoy the amazing architecture of the city. It includes Willis Tower and the famous Wrigley Building. A lot of tourists opt for this riverwalk for a stroll, bike commute, etc. Chicago Riverwalk has many restaurants and bars available. They are perfect to spend a nice day or evening.


·        The Chicago Riverwalk is in the heart of downtown Chicago.

·        The views from this riverwalk are spectacular.

·        You can opt for a nice bike commute, stroll, etc.

·        There are restaurants and bars to have a nice time.

·        Adler Planetarium 

Another one of the famous vacation spots in Chicago is the Adler Planetarium. This is a public museum meant for astronomy and space science. This museum was built in 1930 and was the first one built in the Western Hemisphere. Adler Planetarium has various exhibits and shows to learn about astronomy and space exploration. There are some exhibits like the Sky Theater, the Space Visualization Laboratory, the Definiti Theater, etc. It also has various programs and events like sky shows, workshops, etc. happening all year.


·        It is a museum dedicated to astronomy and space science.

·        Adler Planetarium was built in 1930.

·        It involves various exhibits, programs, and events that happen all around the year.

·        Chicago Deep Dish Pizza 

If you are planning vacation tours involving Chicago, then you cannot miss Chicago Deep Dish Pizza. This is not any random thin-crust pizza. The crust of this pizza is buttery and flaky, which makes it unique. The flaky pastry is pressed into a dish pan. It involves toppings like veggies, cheese, meat, etc. The finished product is all about crispy crust, generous toppings, and gooey cheese. Chicago deep-dish pizza is a local dish. Pizzerias like Lou Malnati, Pizzeria Uno, etc. serve it.


·        The pizza involves a buttery and flaky base.

·        It has different toppings of veggies, meat, and cheese.

·        Chicago Deep Dish Pizza is available at Lou Malnati, Pizzeria Uno, etc.

·        The Field Museum of Natural History 

Another best place to go in Chicago is the Field Museum of Natural History. This was founded in 1893 and is the largest natural history museum. The museum has a massive collection of 30 million specimens, like fossils, artefacts, natural specimens, etc. The Field Museum of Natural History also has exhibits like Sue, the T-Rex skeleton, the Evolving Planet Exhibit, the Ancient Americas Exhibit, etc. This museum also has various educational programs like workshops, hands-on activities, etc.


·        This museum was founded in 1893.

·        It has a great collection of 30 million specimens.

·        The museum has various exhibits that people can join.

·        Architectural Boat Tour 

If you want something unique on your vacation tours, an architectural boat tour on the famous Chicago River is mandatory. This is a famous tourist attraction that offers a way to learn about the architecture of Chicago. The tour happens on a boat that travels on the Chicago River. It involves a close-up view of Chicago’s iconic buildings. The tour offers complete commentary on the architecture and history of every building. This can be an interesting way to learn about the rich architectural heritage of Chicago.


·        This architecture boat tour happens on the Chicago River.

·        It involves detailed commentary on the famous buildings of Chicago.

·        You can get a close-up view of every building.

·        Lincoln Park Conservatory 

If you are looking for the best places to see in Chicago, then don’t skip the Lincoln Park Conservatory. This is a Victorian-era greenhouse. It was built in 1892 and is the oldest conservatory in the US. The conservatory has many exotic plants and flowers. This place is open to the general public and travellers all year round. Plus, admission to the conservatory is free. Visitors can explore various rooms, enjoy lush greenery, and enjoy the peaceful atmosphere. There is a large pond and fish exhibit in the conservatory. Lincoln Park Conservatory is the best place to enjoy natural beauty.


·        The Lincoln Park Conservatory was built in 1892.

·        It is meant for the general public and involves no entry fee.

·        The conservatory has various rooms to explore, a large pond, and a fish exhibit.

·        Chicago Food Festival 

If you are a big foodie, visiting the Chicago food festival on your America tour holiday is a must. This is the largest food festival across the globe. This festival happens for a total of five days in Grant Park. You can visit this festival in July. Various vendors come to the festival to offer a sample of regional and international dishes. The festival has been running since the year 1980. You can even try the famous Chicago Deep Dish Pizza at this festival. Chicago food festival also involves free live music, cooking demos, art performances, and much more.


·        This is the biggest food festival across the globe.

·        Chicago good festival is operating since 1980.

·        You can try regional and international dishes at the Chicago Food Festival.

·        There are many cooking demos, art performances, etc. to enjoy at the festival.

·        Cloud Gate 

Visiting Chicago means not missing Cloud Gate. This is an iconic sculpture that Chicago is known for. The Cloud Gate Sculpture at Millennium Park was created by Anish Kapoor in 2006. This is also has nickname ‘bean’ because of its bean-like shape. This is a famous landmark in Chicago. Every year, visitors come to see this sculpture. Its shiny and reflective surface makes it interesting.


·        This sculpture is at Millennium Park.

·        It was completed in 2006 by Anish Kapoor.

·        Cloud Gate has a bean-like shape and a shiny surface.


Planning vacation tours can be a daunting task. If you are visiting Chicago this year, then the things mentioned above to do and places to visit should be on your travel list. It will not only help you plan your Chicago vacation, but will allow you to learn about the city up close and personal. The cultural and historical places, plus the entertainment factors of Chicago, will make your trip worthy of everything.


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