If you are planning or trying to execute USA tour packages, then you must add the Las Vegas tour to the list. Las Vegas, popularly known as Sin City, is one of the best places to have a nice time in the US. No wonder it has a reputation for 24/7 partying, dazzling casinos, etc., but the city has so much more to offer than hangovers or roulette. If you wish to experience a fun time in Las Vegas, then there are many famous and fun tour attractions in the city. You will be spoilt for choices when it comes to Las Vegas tour attractions:

  • Fly over the city in a helicopter.

The chance to jump in a helicopter and fly over the city under the stars is a memorable experience. The helicopter will take you over the beautiful Las Vegas Strip. Taking a helicopter is fun, but experiencing the illuminated Las Vegas from the sky is out of this world. Plus, you can choose the duration of your helicopter flight.

  • The Big Apple Coaster

While you are on your Las Vegas sightseeing tours, a roller coaster ride won’t hurt anyone. The Big Apple Coaster is the most famous roller coaster in Las Vegas. It reaches a speed of around 67 miles per hour and is a 4777-foot-long track. Getting on this roller coaster will allow you to witness the enchanting views of the NYC skyline, Chrysler Building, Brooklyn Bridge, etc. However, the coaster is open for riders from 11 a.m.

  • Neon Museum

If you are planning Las Vegas tour packages with your family and kids, then add a nice museum to the exploring site list. The Neon Museum is known for its social media opportunities. This is a great place to visit if you want to have a fun time while getting some clicks for your social media accounts. The museum recounts the story of the city’s casinos through neon signs.

  • The Valley of Fire

Las Vegas is not just about gambling. If you wish to witness one of the most beautiful destinations in the US, then the Valley of Fire is the best choice. This is a national park where you can go on a hiking tour and witness the warm color palette of the park. Visiting this place will offer you a nice break from the hustle and bustle of the city. However, ensure to carry charged camera batteries to click photos of the stunning views, as it is one of the best places to travel in the USA.

  • Shark Reef Aquarium

While traveling in Las Vegas, you can admire the beautiful underwater life by visiting the Shark Reef Aquarium. By visiting this aquarium, you will get to see 15 different species of sharks just a few centimeters away from your face. Also, there are 2000 creatures in this aquarium, which is one of the biggest tanks in Northern America. This tourist attraction will leave a beautiful image in your heart while traveling in the USA.

  • Tandem Skydiving

From ground level, the sin city is a dusty desert terrain. But when you are in the air, it tells a different story. Getting on a tandem skydive will not only offer you an adrenaline-filled experience but will also allow you to get the best view of Hoover Dam, Lake Mead, etc. You will have experienced instructors while flying to control the parachute. Also, you will be in the sky at a speed of 220km per hour. However, most skydiving flights happen over the Grand Canyon, and you get a flight certificate, free pictures, and video footage to cherish this memory.

  • Play the Escape Game

Las Vegas is also famous for its Escape Room, where you can get a thrill of a lifetime while playing the Escape Game. It’s nothing short of an adventure involving solving the puzzle with apt communication skills. Prepare a team strategically, as you need to solve the puzzle and leave the room before the clock strikes zero. There are multiple themes to choose from. Many famous travel bloggers in the USA recommend this place.

  • Explore creative artworks at the Boulder City Historic District.

If you love art and historic things, then this place is meant for you. Here, you can find a wide range of antiques, eateries, artworks, and museums to explore the rich historic heritage. The town is so historic that you can revisit the past and civilization altogether.

  • Feel the power of the wind on the Hoover Dam Bridge.

If you are planning a Las Vegas tour in 2024, then make sure to visit the Hoover Dam to feel the power of the wind. It is one of the most popular tourist attractions in the Las Vegas region, and you can click on incredible photos.

  • Visit the Magical Antelope Canyon

It is one of the most visited and sought-after slot canyons to feel the peaceful ambience and unwind yourself. You can hike through the Antelope Canyon to witness the magical and visually enticing experience. No doubt, you can click on some of the best magical pictures here.

  • Witness the powerful roars of lions at Lion Habitat Ranch.

Wanting to hear the ballowing roars of a lion? Visit the Lion Habitat Ranch while taking a Las Vegas tour to meet the king of the jungle personally. It also houses over 40 large cats, the giraffe, and many more animals to offer more than just a children’s farm feeling to a family.

  • Take a gondola ride at the Venetian

Las Vegas is known for the Venetian, where you can ride on the most popular gondola rides to enjoy the charming views and the perfect representation of Venice. While taking a ride, you will witness the exact representation of the Piazza San Marco and Rialto Bridge, which will surely amplify your experience. It is always included in Las Vegas sightseeing tours.

  • Explore the wildlife of the Black Canyon through Kayak.

If you love exploring wildlife and magical landscapes of nature, then explore the Black Canyon through Kayak. In a half-day tour, you will witness the beautiful native wildlife, flora, and incredible landscapes that will surely transport you to another world and make your trip to Las Vegas unforgettable. It is one of the travel bloggers favorite destinations.

  • Visit Zion National Park.

Spare at least one day for Zion National Park, which spans over 150, 000 acres in southern Utah. It is known for high cliffs, magical sandstone formations, scenic hiking trails, mesmerizing waterfalls, ancient groves of cottonwood, wildlife, and ash trees. It will be a lifetime experience to visit this incredibly beautiful national park. The place is covered in various travel blogs.

  • Bring your dream of Fast & Furious to reality at the Supercar Racetrack.

A Las Vegas tour is incomplete without visiting the Supercar Racetrack, where you can literally live your dream of drifting supercars, just like in Fast & Furious movie scenes. It is designed for fast-and-furious movie lovers. You can also ask for your video footage by paying a few extra bucks. Many professional travel bloggers have covered this place due to its popularity.

Las Vegas is one of the best destinations in the world that one should visit once in their lifetime. The glamorous and versatile city has so much to explore that it’s a perfect amalgamation of fun, enjoyment, entertainment, and rejuvenation. It must be in your USA tour packages for 2024.


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