For travel enthusiasts, travelling is all about visiting new places or cities, exploring their tourist attractions, and knowing about their culture and history. It is something that fuels their souls. No wonder people from all across the globe plan America tour holidays to explore its cities and its attractions. St. Louis is one of the famous cities in America which is on the Mississippi River in Missouri. Also, it is best known as Gateway City because of its one of the famous attractions. 
Whether you are an urban explorer, outdoor traveller, or simply want to have amazing family fun, every person with a different travel persona will find a lot of different attractions in St. Louis. The best time to explore St. Louis and check out its attractions is in April and May as well as September through October. During summer, the city experiences hot and sticky weather. 
St. Louis has something for every traveller travelling this city. No wonder, this city is brimming with convenient as well as world-class attractions. Plus, the warmth and the hospitality offered by the locals will lead to an undeniable travel experience. But finding the best travel attractions in St. Louis can be slightly difficult for travellers. So, to make everything sorted, here are some of the loved attractions that you should include in your St. Louis vacation packages

·   Gateway Arch National Park 
First things first, the moment you step on the land of St. Louis, you visit Gateway Arch National Park. This park is dedicated to the westward expansion of the country. The stainless steel Gateway Arch was done by Eero Saarinen in the mid-1940s and is 630 feet raised in the air as well as 630 feet when it comes to leg to leg. Also, it attraction is 63 stories high so you need a tram ticket. Visitors can learn about its construction, the expedition by Lewis as well as Clark, and about Colonial St. Louis, and a lot more. You can even visit a museum located beneath it. 
Address – 200 Washington Avenue 
Time – You can spend around 1-2 hours at this national park
Cost – Free of cost 
·   City Museum 
While planning your vacation tours to St. Louis include City Museum on the list. This place is everything from a children’s playground, to a surrealistic pavilion, an architectural marvel, etc. This museum has 10 stories as well as is built in 600, 000 square feet. Also, this museum is changing every time so there is no permanent map. You can enjoy various exhibitions as well as attractions at this place like caves, mazes, chutes, etc. The concept of the museum is interesting and meant for all age groups. 
Address – 701 N at 16th Street 
Time – You can spend half to complete day at City Museum
·       Anheuser Busch Brewery 
St. Louis is the headquarters as well as flagship brewing facility for this famous Anheuser Busch Brewery. This can be the best place for beer drinkers as you can enjoy a drink along with pub fare and a lot more. You can even sign up for a brewery tour to know the brewing process, sample beer, check out their packaging facility, and a lot more. The facility is amazing and has beautiful grounds. The Clydesdales stables and brewery tour is amazing. However, try you visit early or a little late to avoid day heart while taking the tour of Anheuser Busch Brewery. 
Address – 1127 at Pestallozi Street 
Time – Try spending 1-2 hours at this Brewery
Cost – It is free of cost 
·   Campbell House Museum 
While planning your America tour holiday don’t forget to visit Campbell House Museum in St. Louis. This tourist attraction is especially meant for architecture as well as history lovers. Visiting this museum will offer you a closer to the list of wealthy tastemakers in the 19th century. This museum is owned by Robert Campbell who is a fur trader as well as an entrepreneur. Also, this was the centre of St. Louis society for a long period. However, the 1880s appearance of the house was restored and includes a lot of original furniture, personal effects, art, etc. This museum will allow you to have the best time and you might end up visiting again. 
Address – 1508 Locust Street 
Time – You can spend around 1-2 hours at the museum 
·   Six Flags St. Louis 
If you are looking for something exciting to include in your St. Louis vacation packages, then go for Six Flags St. Louis. This place has around 10 roller coasters which include 3 wooden ones as well as others. Whether you are visiting alone or with your friends, family, and kids, this place is a complete hit. There are a lot of tame rides which are suitable for small kids. You can even enjoy its meet-and-greets, live entertainment, and much more. In case you are visiting St. Louis during summer then getting this place’s Hurricane Habor can be the best option as it has water rides, a wave pool, water slides, etc. 
Address – 4900 Six Flags Road 
Time – You can spend 2 hours to half day at Six Flags 
·       Saint Louis Zoo 
Planning vacation tours to St. Louis without visiting Saint Louis Zoo is not fair. This zoo started as the 1904 Fair Flight Cage of the World but now it is one of the limited US zoos. It has 14, 000 plus animals which are within a Forest Park of 90 acres. The zoo has six zones which include the River Edge, etc. You can even explore its Historic Hill section to learn about the original Flight Cage or Primate House. General admission to this zoo is free of cost but some areas or activities require additional fees. 
Address – 1 Government Dr. 
Time – You can spend 2 hours to one day at Saint Louis Zoo 
Cost – It is free of cost
·   Missouri Botanical Garden 
This garden is constructed on 79 acres of land and has 4800 plus trees which are delightful and leave you feeling amazing. The Botanical Garden has a Chinese garden, an English Woodland Garden, as well as a Japanese Garden of 14 acres. It also has Dr. George Washington Carver along with a garden which was a pioneer during 19th as well as 20th century science, education, as well as agriculture. There is so much that you can explore while you are on your St. Louis trip. 
Address – 4344 Shaw Blvd. 
Time – Spend 1-2 hours at Missouri Botanical Garden
Cost – Free of cost
·       Citygarden Sculpture Park 
Another amazing tourist attraction that you can explore in St. Louis is Citygarden Sculpture Park. This is a 3-acre art oasis which is located in downtown St. Louis. The visitors can explore 24 sculptures, six rain gardens, a 180-foot-long pool and waterfall along with a spray and splash area for children. In case there is warm weather then you will find locals as well as visitors spending their time here while enjoying free art installation at Citygarden Sculpture Park. 
Address – 801 Market Street 
Time – You can spend around one hour at this sculpture park  
Cost – There is no fee to visit this park
·   National Museum of Transportation 
You can also include the National Museum of Transportation in your St. Louis vacation packages. This place has the largest as well as best transportation vehicle collection. It has 190 trails as well as transportation exhibits. The best thing at this museum is the Boston Providence Railroad named Daniel Nason. Also, there are various displays like the Big Boy as the oldest steam locomotive, Gooeny Bird which is the US Army Air Force Douglas Aircraft, etc. Also, you can explore gardens, trolleys, and a lot of other things while visiting this museum. It also has a separate area for kids of 5 years and younger. 
Address – 2933 Barrett Station Road 
Time – It takes 1-2 hours explore the museum 
·       Saint Louis Science Center 
This science centre has 700-plus hands-on exhibits of animals, skyscrapers, space, etc. The best exhibits at this place are the James S. McDonnell Planetarium, the GROW pavilion, etc. Also, the kids visiting this science centre are going to love the life-size T. rex. You can visit St. Louis Science Center without worrying about the entrance fee. 
Address – 5050 Oakland Avenue 
Time – You can spend around 2 hours to half day at this science centre 
Cost – There is no fee to visit this science centre 
If you are looking for tour packages near me then before finalizing anything try to include the above-mentioned tourist attractions to your travel list. Every tourist attraction is unique in its own way and will allow you to know about St. Louis up close and personal. Also, ensure that you are planning for St. Louis vacation packages in advance so that there are no disappointments later. So, what are you waiting for, get up and start planning an exciting trip to St. Louis with your friends and family or solo. 

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